I will tell you

after the left hook of Gustavo Hernandez’ poem title hits you, the right cross of his dedication leaves its mark. You tap play to hear the sure tenor of him read Across the Southwest Our Mothers Were Sidelined and note that his voice is not angry. And though you’ll learn soon enough, I would simply ask you: To whom do you think he’s speaking so tenderly?

Selfishly, I wanted to keep this poem for our inaugural issue this March. A small part of me wanted to keep Gustavo Hernandez’ voice to myself a little longer. But our editorial team was barking and these words need to sound.

I know this poem will be going out to a community that also feels sidelined. Many of us have felt helpless while this president has simply delivered on the hate he promised when he first ran. I don’t have much in the way of solace, but to say that we will not be sidelined for much longer.

We give you, Across the Southwest Our Mothers Were Sidelined.

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