Book Reviews

August 2023

Review of David Baker’s Whale Fall
by Michael Collins

May 2023

Review of Jon Riccio’s Agoreography
by Alina Stefanescu

February 2023

Review of Elaine Sexton’s Drive
by S K Grout

Review of Lisa Dordal’s Water Lessons
by Michael Collins

October 2022

Review of Robert Fillman’s House Bird
by Jon Riccio

July 2022

Review of Iris Jamahl Dunkle’s West : Fire : Archive
by Lynn McGee

Review of Theresa Burns’ Design
by Jennifer Poteet

Review of Cynthia Dewi Oka’s Fire Is Not a Country
by Rogan Kelly

January 2022

Review of Dionne Brand’s A Map to the Door of No Return
by Said Shaiye

December 2021

Review of Kathleen Peirce’s Lion’s Paw
by Laurie Saurborn

November 2021

Review of Mary Lou Buschi’s Paddock
by Rachel Jamison Webster

April 2021

Review of Arisa White’s Who’s Your Daddy
by Rogan Kelly

March 2021

Review of Gustavo Hernandez’ Flower Grand First
by Michele Karas

January 2021

Review of Valyntina Grenier’s FEVER DREAM / TAKE HEART
by Laurie Saurborn

Review of Gail Goepfert’s Get Up Said the World
by Patrice Boyer Claeys

August 2020

Review of Angela Narciso Torres’ To the Bone
by Laurie Saurborn

June 2020

Review of Luke Johnson’s :boys
by George Perreault