These poems had a major impact on our editors and we are proud to share them.

Best New Poets Nominations 2022

Tawanda Mulalu
“Near It” (spring)

Dare Williams
“What They Called Us” (spring)

Pushcart Prize Nominations 2021

Elizabeth Catanese
“Mercat del Poblenou” (spring)

Richard Foerster
“Theme with Variation” (spring)

Sharon Olds
“Amherst Ballad 8” (fall)

Jason Schneiderman
“You Can Be the You in this Poem” (fall)

Amy Beth Sisson
“Rage Baby” (winter)

Angela María Spring
“Witch Hunt” (fall)

Best of the Net Nominations 2021

Aaron Caycedo-Kimura
“The Moon of Ubasute” (fall)

Darla Himeles
“In the Middle Of” (winter)

Kirun Kapur
“Elegy with ‘Exotics'” (spring)

Adrienne Oliver
“Archive of Treasured Baggage” (spring)

Hernan De La Cruz Ramos
“Syampu” (fall)

Laura Wang
“On Receiving Scans Yaya’s Letters, Spanning Forty Years” (spring)

Best New Poets Nominations 2021

Aaron Caycedo-Kimura
“The Moon of Ubasute” (fall)

Skye Jackson
“an ode to the w paris” (summer)

Pushcart Prize Nominations 2020

Stuart Barnes
“Triolet: Cerberus and Eros” (spring)

Lauren Camp
“Not Any Ship” (spring)

Jennifer Franklin
“Visiting Hours at the Psych Hospital” (summer)

Airea D. Matthews
“American Ouroboros” (summer)

E.C. Messer
“Swan Lake” (summer)

Chael Needle
“the etiquette of the inanimate world” (summer)

Best of the Net Nominations 2020

Satya Dash
“The Insomniac’s Love Poem” (summer)

Gail Goepfert
“Because I can’t stop thinking about Houtouwan” (summer)

Gustavo Hernandez

“Across the Southwest Our Mothers Were Sidelined” (pre-spring)

DS Maolalai
“The Mobile Phone” (summer)

Dimitri Reyes
“Dental Impressions: An Elegy for my Teacher” (summer)

Arisa White
“Smoke is caught between bars of light.” (spring)

Best New Poets Nominations 2020

Gustavo Hernandez
“Winter Cumbia with Brother and Sister” (spring)

Cyndie Randall
“Lady Justice Holds Her Balance Like It’s My Bag of Trash” (spring)