Summer 2020

Thirty-nine poets deep. Features work by Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Airea D. Matthews, Elaine Sexton, Jack B. Bedell, Francesca Bell, Theo Dorgan, Dylan Krieger, Michael Tyrell, Nicole Rollender, Dimitri Reyes, Skye Jackson, and Satya Dash. Poems by Saleem Hue Penny, Robert Vaughan, Suzanne Frischkorn, Ron Mohring, Virginia Bell, Allison Cundiff, Sander Zulauf, Jennifer Franklin, Alison Pelegrin, and Susana H. Case. Three poems by DS Maolalai. Artwork by RYGER, Jeff Thompson, Chloë Epstein, Nadia Forkosh, and Oumaporn Lucic.

Spring 2020

Thirty-four poets in all. Features poems by Carl Phillips, Arisa White, Octavio Quintanilla, Alina Stefanescu, Angela Narciso Torres, Kelli Russell Agodon, Charles Rafferty, Stuart Barnes, Pamela Hart, Robert Carr, Luke Johnson, Douglas Cole, Lauren Camp and Joe Weil. Work by Gustavo Hernandez and Cyndie Randall, both nominated for The Best New Poets series. The festival acclaimed audiovisual poem by Yolande Brener and Danielle Imara. The debut of Fasasi Abdulrosheed Oladipupo, and the spoken-word performance of Reet Starwind. The American debut of Barbara O’Donnell. Artwork by RYGER

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