Spring 2021

A scattering of Night-Heron; fifty-eight poets true. Two new poems by Kathleen Ossip. Dorianne Laux, Chloé Firetto-Toomey, Richard Foerster, Michelle Bitting, Dare Williams, Mary Lou Buschi, Sean Sexton, Jane Zwart, Michael Tyrell‘s “Mermaid,” Kirun Kapur, Adrienne Oliver, Tawanda Mulalu. The work of Elizabeth Catanese accompanied by the paintings of Ramon Calsina Baró. New work by Patrick Donnelly, Laura Wang, Marion Brown, three new poems by Douglas Cole, B. Fulton Jennes, Angie Dribben, Norma DaCrema, Sheila Wellehan, Frank Paino, Robert Fillman, Meghan Sterling, Jennifer Poteet, three poems by Milica Mijatović, Ysabel Y. Gonzalez, Srinivas Mandavilli‘s “Visiting Golconda Fort,” Amy Holman, Pam Sinicrope and Jessica Rigney. Twenty-six more poets and the music of Chris Pureka. Artwork by RYGER, Elizabeth Perotin, Jeff Thompson, and Victor Tongdee.

Winter 2021

Fifty-six poets strong. Jean Valentine‘s “You Speak” read by her daughter, award-winning author Rebecca Chace. Former US Poet Laureate Ted Kooser, Stephanie Jean, Iain Haley Pollock, Darla Himeles, BJ Ward. A current winner of the 2020 Ireland Chair of Poetry Student Award, Sonya Gildea. A found poem by Jessica Goodfellow. Work by Robert Carr, Marina Carreira, Fasasi Abdulrosheed Oladipupo, Hillary Leftwich, Robert Okaji. An erasure poem by Pamela Hart. Matt W. Miller, Lupita Eyde-Tucker. Three poems by Charles Rafferty. Gillian Cummings and corresponding artwork by Julianne Farella. Kari Ann Ebert, James Hoch, Alison Palmer, Luke Johnson, Cynthia Atkins, Jenny Wong, Mark Anthony Cayanan, Shoshana Surek, Michal ‘MJ’ Jones. The audio-visual poems of Kelina Lobo. Christopher Locke, Sally Bliumis-Dunn, Alison J. Barton. Two poems by Cara Waterfall. Additional work by 24 poets. Other artwork by RYGER, Eiko Tsuchiya, Anastasia Mazeina, Jeff Thompson, Slava Gerj.

Fall 2020

Fifty-eight poets and a mic drop. Opens with Richard Blanco’s “Imaginary Exile.” Features poems by Lynne Thompson, Patrick James Errington, Angelique Zobitz, Ben Kline, Teresa Mei Chuc, Said Shaiye, Allison Joseph, Youssef Mohamed, Vismai Rao and Aaron Caycedo-Kimura. The debut publication of Hernan De La Cruz Ramos. Poems by Alexis Rhone Fancher, Dennis Hinrichsen, Jen Ryan Onken, Jon Riccio, Joan Cappello, Mark Ward, Luisa Caycedo-Kimura, Anton Yakovlev, Kathryn de Lancellotti, and Joe Amaral. The visual poems of J.I. Kleinberg. Three poems by Ann Pedone. New work by J. C. Todd, Iris Jamahl Dunkle, Veronica Kornberg, Dane Hamann, Kimberly Ann Priest, Adam Tavel, and Lynn McGee, which also features music by Bill Parod. Poems by 28 more poets. Artwork by RYGER, Jeff Thompson, Sabel Skaya, Victor Tongdee, Slava Gerj, and Joe Bakal.

Summer 2020

Thirty-nine poets deep. Features work by Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Airea D. Matthews, Elaine Sexton, Jack B. Bedell, Francesca Bell, Theo Dorgan, Dylan Krieger, Michael Tyrell, Nicole Rollender, Dimitri Reyes, Skye Jackson, and Satya Dash. Poems by Saleem Hue Penny, Robert Vaughan, Suzanne Frischkorn, Ron Mohring, Virginia Bell, Allison Cundiff, Sander Zulauf, Jennifer Franklin, Alison Pelegrin, and Susana H. Case. Three poems by DS Maolalai. Artwork by RYGER, Jeff Thompson, Chloë Epstein, Nadia Forkosh, and Oumaporn Lucic.

Spring 2020

Thirty-four poets in all. Features poems by Carl Phillips, Arisa White, Octavio Quintanilla, Alina Stefanescu, Angela Narciso Torres, Kelli Russell Agodon, Charles Rafferty, Stuart Barnes, Pamela Hart, Robert Carr, Luke Johnson, Douglas Cole, Lauren Camp and Joe Weil. Work by Gustavo Hernandez and Cyndie Randall, both nominated for The Best New Poets series. The festival acclaimed audiovisual poem by Yolande Brener and Danielle Imara. The debut of Fasasi Abdulrosheed Oladipupo, and the spoken-word performance of Reet Starwind. The American debut of Barbara O’Donnell. Artwork by RYGER