Jessica Rigney

Lesson 13.

Forget all
Of this.

What has been written.

Forget how
It used to be.

Do not
Turn your beautiful head.

Take your steps forward

So says the mother.

So says the dirt and
The ocean and

The trees.

Lesson 8.

There will still be

At the end of time.

Still small humans
In their tiny shoes

Their fun-size clothes
Laughing giggling

Building new worlds from
Out of the remains of

This world. With
Their heads

Their delicate

Jessica Rigney is a poet, artist, and filmmaker. Her poetic sound experiments may be heard at Find her films under her name at YouTube. Years of collaborations with letterpress artists, musicians, and visual artists has yielded beautiful artifacts one may stumble upon among the interwebs. She is poetjess on Instagram.

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Spring 2021