Kristian Macaron

Echo 1874
Alexandre Cabanel, French

/what fills it/

I am tired
of writing
about space
and knowing

that what fills it
is  honeycomb
a siege of whale songs
breaking through ice floes
or your last words
captured by a mountain
and my footsteps
buried somewhere
in the planet

 I am tired of writing
about space
when/and knowing

that/ I am really
writing about

and knowing
that what fills it
is not just Echo
not a disembodied
signal of space
but actually
 her body
once rent limb
from limb
and flung
across the world
it was discovered
then that her voice
would not die
her body is
/her body is/
and the earth

I am tired of/ space
when what is
here is/ I
 am here

soft and electric
in your path/I
am here still/my
voice has braced/
been in your body
my body

some lightning/
a lotus


Kristian Macaron resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a land full of treasures. Her poetry chapbook collection is titled, Storm. Other prose and poetry publications can be found in Medusa’s Laugh Press, The Mantle Poetry, Luna Luna Magazine, Solstice Literary Magazine, Rust + Moth, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Gargoyle Magazine, and others. She is a co-founding editor of the literary journal, Manzano Mountain Review. She has a full-length collection of poetry forthcoming! View her work and updates at

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