Sheila Wellehan


Spring Unveils Beginnings and Endings

The skull at Gull Crest was restless.
It traveled from ditch,
to birch limb, to creek,

transforming humble mud
and leafless bramble
to scenes from Georgia O’Keefe.

For weeks, I studied the whitetail deer’s
grinding molars and nipping incisors,
used for grazing here not long ago,

and observed her eye sockets from every angle,
as they stared down at me atop a young pine
or peeked up from under a bridge.

When viburnums bloomed,
I dug a home for us beneath them–
we both needed our journeys to end.

Sheila Wellehan’s poetry is featured in Psaltery & Lyre, Rust + Moth, Thimble Literary Magazine, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Whale Road Review, and many other journals and anthologies. She lives in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Visit her online at 

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