Geoff Sawers

Rosy Tabby moth

A dragon perched, a mantling hawk
chestnut-pink, lifting from leaf litter
bathroom ceiling light surrounding
when you were as nothing was
holding arches over your mind

Bee moth

Wax-devouring, brood-borer
grey silk sheath torpedo
bearing the beekeeper’s curse
– melltith ar y nyth – 
bane, your broad back will take it

Eyed Hawk-moth

Thumb-sized blood-dark pupa splits
silver-black fluffy slug pumps out its wings
breathing into them as
slow pink eyes unfold
to drop a giant’s glare

Geoff Sawers has recorded butterflies and moths where he lives (in Reading, UK) for many years and is working on a sequence of poems, My Name Is Shadow, about them. He is a single dad with a disabled child.

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Spring 2022