Submissions are closed.

We are taking some time to finish going through our first batch of submissions and preparing our debut issue for March. We will make announcements on our social media accounts and here when we reopen and begin building for our summer issue.

If during our closed period, you have a current poem that’s time sensitive or work intended for our blog, feel free to query us at


Send one to three poems in the same Word document. Save the document with your name and the title of the first poem. Example: “Caboter Off Barnegat Light, Rogan Kelly.” In your email, type ‘submission’ in the subject line and your name. Expect a response within a month. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged.

All types of poetry are welcome. This includes, but is not limited to, lyrical, narrative, experimental, visual, found and erasure, poetry in translation, prose, hybrid and collaborative work.

On the subject of being open to new and established poets and all other submission irreverence, there are blog posts here:

We accept book reviews and interviews, especially by and about poets we publish. We consider it a continued support of the artist’s work.

A cover letter and bio are appreciated. Be yourself. But yes, flattery may also work.

We intend to promote you on social media platforms. We will pay birds to bark your names on rooftops and whisper them by park benches. We count on being known for this. If you’re shy and rather we don’t, let us know. It won’t impact your submission.

The Night Heron Barks holds first serial rights for work we publish, the right to reprint in other formats with your permission. Upon publication, all rights revert to the author. Please cite The Night Heron Barks if your poems are published elsewhere in the future. Remember us in your award speeches and end of year Facebook videos and anywhere you find barking birds.

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