Kenneth Pearson

before dawn

in a pacific twilight,
before the sun ascends the eastern mountains,
before the world blossoms from luminous grey,
and dew transforms into nullity,

there is a silent background,
before the restlessness of the world awakens,
and heard is the clarity of the morning song,
sung by a voice of heaven.

as the air lies quiet in heart’s stillness,
and a single teardrop caresses the empty sky,
ours are the onliest eyes alighted,
upon the boon of the springing dawn.

you reach to me your hand, and in my palm
a line is drawn with the tip of your finger.
sent is a synapse of harmonious connection,
which comes to rest in our solitary existence.

Kenneth Pearson was born in Stony Point, NY, but resides in Sahuarita, Arizona with his wife, Cory Lynn. In 2017, he won the Greater New York State Poetry Competition with his poem “Shadow of the Maple Tree.” He has been published in the Remington Review, The Taj Mahal Review, Kind of a Hurricane Press, New Priory Press, among others. Kenneth is the Training Coordinator for the Centered Spirit Program of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe. He is also a Freelance Business and Writing Consultant. He has been an Adjunct Professor in English and Composition at Kalamazoo Valley Community College and Hudson County Community College. He is a member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and Sigma Tau Delta.

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Winter 2021