The Night Heron Barks

S K Grout reviews
Elaine Sexton’s Drive

Michael Collins reviews
Lisa Dordal’s Water Lessons

Jon Riccio reviews
Robert Fillman’s House Bird

A review of
Cynthia Dewi Oka’s
Fire Is Not a Country
by Rogan Kelly

Lynn McGee reviews
Iris Jamahl Dunkle’s
West : Fire : Archive

Jennifer Poteet reviews
Theresa Burns’ Design

spotlights Kathy Kremins poems

from our fall issue in their

community/fundraiser series.

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For videos of the event, click here.

‘Best New Poets’ Nominations

For video of the night’s event click here

Poet Cynthia Dewi Oka and NHB EIC Rogan Kelly in conversation on the Painted Bride Quarterly Podcast

The Night Heron Barks
will attend SMOL Fair 2022

Diablo Writers’ Workshop
highlights Amy Beth Sisson and NHB

‘Best New Poets’ Nominations

Founding Editor
Rogan Kelly
reviews Arisa White’s
Who’s Your Daddy

The Night Heron Barks attended SMOL Fair, an alternative virtual book fair, March 3rd thru the 7th 2021.

click here for video from the night’s event

Book Editor Laurie Saurborn reviews Valyntina Grenier’s double chapbook FEVER DREAM / TAKE HEART

Founding Editor Rogan Kelly: His interview with Josh Medsker on the Jersey Poets Plus Podcast

Patrice Boyer Claeys reviews
Gail Goepfert’s Get Up Said the World

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Richard Blanco and Lynne Thompson in our fall 2020 issue

Rowan Ricardo Phillips and Airea D. Matthews in our summer ’20 issue

Poetry Reading: Dorianne Laux and Diane Seuss

This Sunday at 3 pm Eastern on Zoom, we are hosting a poetry reading featuring the Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets and Pulitzer Prize Finalist, Dorianne Laux, and current Pulitzer Prize Winner, Diane Seuss. Register to attend the reading here.

Convergence of Song

I once found myself in a little town, outside Salerno, Italy, called Castelnuovo. It was a mountain village that had been altered by the earthquake. Farmland changed, rivers diverted. What remains persists. This is our second spring for those marking the time. There’s a connectivity to the work here that feels special. I don’t know…

Two Rivers

There is something that happens when the words of a poet find their best reader–Confluence–that meshing of two ‘rivers’; in which one art meets another, and illumination is the result. As poets, we all want to find our best readers, those who will come to our personal experience, and find in it all that makes…

Lotus background. Drawing by RYGER

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