The Night Heron Barks

The Night Heron Barks is attending SMOL Fair, an alternative virtual book fair, March 3rd thru the 7th.

click here for video from the night’s event

The journey of a writer, especially young writers, is to grow toward that ecstatic experience, but also toward trust–that singular trust in themselves that will enable them to create with a freedom that comes only after acknowledging and accepting who they are as an individual, with a unique voice, and with the tools they’ve learned that enable them to let that voice be not only heard but recognized. It is a metamorphosis, a final becoming.

Poetry Editor Philip F. Clark in his essay on writing, Sustain Wonder, published by Marsh Hawk Press

Book Editor Laurie Saurborn reviews Valyntina Grenier’s double chapbook FEVER DREAM / TAKE HEART

Founding Editor Rogan Kelly: His interview with Josh Medsker on the Jersey Poets Plus Podcast

Patrice Boyer Claeys reviews
Gail Goepfert’s Get Up Said the World

Submissions open on the spring equinox, March 20th

Best of the Net and Pushcart Prize nominations.

Review of Angela Narciso Torres’ To the Bone
by Laurie Saurborn

Spring contributor, Douglas Cole: Congratulations on his debut novel.

Richard Blanco and Lynne Thompson in our fall issue

Rowan Ricardo Phillips and Airea D. Matthews in our summer issue

Review of Luke Johnson’s :boys
by George Perreault

  • Submissions open on the spring equinox, March 20th

The story I’m telling

I took up residence in the Toronto airport once. The reasons are a long story and not the one I’m telling. Toronto has two airports. This was the one all in glass. They had a sushi bar that also served coffee. Lattes named after famous novels. I drank from The Awakening twice. Tried The EnglishContinue reading “The story I’m telling”

Waterfall Rising

I am struck by the kind of conversation that takes flight in Laurie Saurborn’s review of Valyntina Grenier’s FEVER DREAM / TAKE HEART. The grounding Saurborn accounts for in Grenier’s image-building. Grenier, also a visual artist, knows how to engage the mind’s eye of the reader–or pull back the curtain and reveal her own. ThereContinue reading “Waterfall Rising”

This time a year ago,

I was sitting in a NYC bar with Philip F. Clark waiting for a reading of some sort, writing down possible journal names. Wondered if The Night Heron Barks would get us laughed out of the room.

Lotus background. Drawing by RYGER

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