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fall issue is live

Founding Editor Rogan Kelly: His interview with Josh Medsker on the Jersey Poets Plus Podcast

Review of Angela Narciso Torres’ To the Bone
by Laurie Saurborn

Best of the Net nominations

Submissions are closed till the winter call.

Laurie Saurborn: Welcome the new book reviews editor to the NHB team.

Spring contributor, Douglas Cole: Congratulations on his debut novel.

Megan Dorame: Welcome the new poetry editor to the NHB team.

Rowan Ricardo Phillips in our summer issue

Review of Luke Johnson’s :boys
by George Perreault

  • Submissions are closed till winter call

Standing at the Infinite edges

Reasons to read are to witness and be transformed. And I am, as Claeys traces the energies of Goepfert’s lines pushing along currents volcanic and riparian, protean in generation and decay.

An Invitation

I suspect editors have their own version of that hypothetical, if they could invite any five people for dinner. I think of poets and poems.

Only the poets

I woke early this morning to the news that a certain Republican senator had tweeted last night his intention to vote against witnesses in the impeachment trial. Trying to push down a sense of anger and dismay, I returned to Lisa Rosenberg’s poem which I first read yesterday.

Lotus background. Drawing by RYGER

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