The Night Heron Barks

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Rowan Ricardo Phillips in our summer issue

Review of Luke Johnson’s :boys
by George Perreault

Only the poets

I woke early this morning to the news that a certain Republican senator had tweeted last night his intention to vote against witnesses in the impeachment trial. Trying to push down a sense of anger and dismay, I returned to Lisa Rosenberg’s poem which I first read yesterday.

I will tell you

after the left hook of Gustavo Hernandez’ poem title hits you, the right cross of his dedication leaves its mark. You tap play to hear the sure tenor of him read Across the Southwest our Mothers were Sidelined and note that his voice is not angry.

Reflection on present light

In my own work, I am sometimes still crossed up between two tellings or the sense I didn’t say everything I wanted to say.

Lotus background. Drawing by RYGER

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